Flame Premium im Vergleich mit Flame und Lustre

Die Software-Funktionen von Flame Premium sind in verschiedenen leistungsstarken Lösungen für Creative Finishing verfügbar. Vergleichen Sie die verschiedenen Flame-Produkte, um die Lösung zu finden, die Ihren Anforderungen am besten entspricht.

Flame Premium 2015
Flame Premium 2015
Flame 2015
Flame 2015
Lustre 2015
Lustre 2015
Visual effects artists Visual effects artists Colorists
Collaborative Workflow
Includes Flame, Lustre, Flare, and Flame Assist
Expand creative capacity with Flare
Increase productivity with Flame Assist
Provide color grading using Lustre
Real-time color grading
Primary and output grading
Secondary color grading
Shape masking and tracking
Color isolation keying
Schematic view
Stereo color grading
Output stereo viewing modes
Unlimited bins to store and manage grades
Preset grades for look development
Support for Tangent Element
3D visual effects
Flame Desktop reels
Batch compositing area
Action 3D compositing
New creative tool: 3D Shape
New creative tool: Replica
3D warping workflow in Action
Perspective surface in Action
Shape tracker
3D keyer
Integrated 3D tracker and object tracker
Stabilizer for 2D tracking
GMask object
S3D camera and stereo object
Lens distortion correction
3D GMask extrude
Perspective grid object support
Projective textures, projectors, and camera mapping
Render pass mapping support
Output maps from Action
Shader object
3D blur
3D particles
IBL mapping
Substance procedural textures
Deform nodes
Autodesk color management
Editorial finishing
Integrated Flame Desktop and timeline
Conform workflow
Video I/O
SDI broadcast monitoring
DVI broadcast monitoring