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Make meeting management effortless and more productive with BIM 360. Easily create agendas, track attendance, document decisions and assign action items.

Wichtigste Vorteile

  • Centrally manage meetings and create meeting agendas
  • Document decisions and manage follow-up items
  • At-a-glance meeting records
  • Easily locate meeting minutes

Centrally manage meetings

Access all meeting minutes in a single platform to ensure accountability of the entire project team.

Document decisions

Capture decisions made during meetings and assign individuals, roles or companies to specific action items.

Attach documents

Attach documents, drawings, and models to meeting records or items to increase visibility and accessibility to critical information.


Link Issues & RFIs

Increase accessibility to needed information by linking existing BIM 360 Issues and RFIs directly to meeting items.

Create meeting agendas

Create agendas for upcoming meetings and add meeting invitees right from within BIM 360.

Manage follow-up items

Follow-up meetings automatically carry over open items making it simple to track unresolved items from one meeting to the next.

At-a-glance meeting records

Quickly view and identify the state of recorded meeting minutes and any association with other meetings.

Easily locate meeting minutes

Filtering lets users quickly find historical meeting minutes that occured at any time during the project. 


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